Top Skateboarders Prepare for World Skate Tour Dubai Showdown in Spectacular Style

Ahead of the crucial World Skateboarding Tour Park event which kicks off in Dubai this week, a group of the elite competitors have taken to The View, the highest vantage point of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, for a unique jam session titled “Skate The View by Nakheel”, before facing off as foes.

Dubai, UAE:  In a bold fusion of skateboarding and the Dubai skyline the athletes, including Ale Mazzarra (19, Italy), Yndiara Asp (26, Brazil), Alex Sorgente (26, USA), Sakura Yosozumi (21, Japan), Vincent Matheron (25, France), CJ Collins (20, USA), and Danny Leon (29, Spain), warmed up for the qualifying event on a ramp perched atop the 245-metre-high Palm Tower to Skate The View. 

The installation brought the athletes together for one last run out before the World Skateboarding Tour Park event at Dubai Harbour, running from Monday, 26 February 2024 until Sunday, 3 March. Close to 200 participants will compete for crucial qualifying points on the road to Paris.

The World Skateboarding Tour Street competition take place at the same location from 3-10 March.

For the athletes who had the chance to Skate The View by Nakheel, the ramp was a welcome surprise and brought some light relief from the focus of competition as they performed tricks against the stunning backdrop of a Dubai sunset, before counting down to the start of the qualifiers.

Towering at 245 meters above sea level, The View at The Palm offers an unparalleled perspective of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline and the Arabian Gulf. This iconic vantage point not only provides a mesmerizing backdrop for events like the World Skateboarding Tour but also serves as a testament to Nakheel’s commitment to creating innovative spaces that blend entertainment, culture, and architectural marvels. 

The 360-observation deck has hosted award-winning projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible, underscoring The View’s status as a destination for record-breaking performances that set Dubai apart as a world-famous destination. 

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