AVAILIABLE NOW: “Destination Paradise” documentary explores post-lockdown travel

How does it feel to travel as coronavirus restrictions are lifted? A new documentary from Three M Performance Group (3MPG.CH) takes viewers on a trip across Europe to find out. In a half-hour format, “Destination Paradise” journeys from Switzerland to Greece via Munich and Vienna, offering a first-person perspective of travel by car, rail, ferry and air. Candid interviews and incisive camerawork uncover the reality of travel in uncertain times, all the way to the final destination of Patmos. With an idyllic setting and not one recorded case of Covid-19, this Aegean jewel seems like paradise. But it’s known as the Island of the Apocalypse…

“Like everyone in lockdown over the past months, we wondered what travel would be like in ‘the new normal,’” says Three M Performance Group CEO Mario Schoby, who embarked on the journey with his team. “We had no idea what we would encounter, but we had to find out – so we grabbed our masks and hit the road. What we discovered was fascinating.”

As summer holidays begin in the Northern Hemisphere, the production couldn’t be more timely. After traveling by train and auto in northern Europe, Schoby and Raspini hopped on a Wizz Air flight at Vienna International Airport to get a feel for the budget flight experience and health safety procedures. They landed in Athens on 15 June, the first day that Greece opened its borders to passengers from 31 cities without quarantine requirements. 

After 24 hours in the capital, including a visit to the Acropolis and interviews with tourism workers, the pair took one of the Attica Group’s Blue Star Ferries to the small Greek island of Patmos. 

Schoby explains, “This trip was all about destination paradise: going where the environment was beautiful – and the people, too – but also where not a single person had tested positive for corona. Would the locals welcome tourists back? Is it even possible to have that holiday feeling again?”

There is an intriguing duality to Patmos. It’s famous not only for its beauty, but for being the “Island of the Apocalypse” – home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites where the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation, which predicts the end of our world. Through interviews with people from a spa owner to a tourist from hard-hit Italy, the true picture of today’s situation is revealed. 

A global media marketing management agency and production company, Three M Performance Group resources captured the journey with top-flight production values and delivering breathtaking perspectives of the dazzling Greek countryside and beaches.

Ultimately, “Destination Paradise” will appeal to any viewer, whether they’re looking for a vicarious escape or considering whether to pursue their own travels.

“Destination Paradise” is available for distribution now. See the teaser here. For media and distribution partnership inquiries, contact Fabian Ress, fabian.ress@3mpg.ch / +41 79 627 05 47


Media and distribution inquiries: Fabian Ress, fabian.ress@3mpg.ch / +41 79 627 05 47

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